Below is a list of questions we answer a lot, hopefully our answers do not cause more questions! If your question is not covered below, feel free to contact us.

What time/where
are your services? 

We currently do not have centralized gatherings that are open to the public. In the future, we may have occasional larger celebration gatherings, and will update the site if that happens. If you are in the Providence area, reach out to us and we can recommend several great local churches with public gatherings.

How do I join? 

We highly value geographical proximity and nature relational growth, so if you are in an area with a Neighborhood presence and know someone, just connect with them to learn more about what is going on and how you can start becoming a part of it. If you are considering moving to the city to partner at a leadership level, reach out to learn more about what the may look like. Otherwise, we encourage you to connect with a church community that is local to you. 

No buildings or full-time staff, what do you spend money on?

Crazy as it sounds, there are plenty of ways to spend money without it being on salaries or property! We try to emphasize caring for the poor and training volunteer leaders to keep seeding the Jesus movement. Learn more at our donate page.