In the Beginning

In the Beginning
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We are introduced to the Creator, who made the first family, Adam and Eve, and placed them in the Garden of Eden, a wild, outdoor temple. In this place, heaven and earth came together, and the humans enjoyed divine life though they were made of the stuff of earth. The Creator-King commissioned them to continue his benevolent and creative work in the world as his representatives living and working under his guidance. These first pages introduce a world of shalom, a word that speaks of peace, abundance, harmony, and wholeness.

Genesis means "In the Beginning". While in recent times, this book has been the focus of endless debates about how everything came into being, the book is primarily about Abraham and his family (chapters 12-50 - about 80% of the book). Chapters 1-11 quickly summarize everything, providing the historical backdrop for the encounters between God and the family of Abraham.

Biblical References

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