Out of Egypt - Slavery & Redemption

Out of Egypt - Slavery & Redemption
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But this plan would take a long time. Abraham’s promised son Isaac grew and fathered Jacob, who wrestled with God and was renamed “Israel”. Israel fathered twelve sons, one of which, Joseph, was sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers. God blessed Joseph so the world could be blessed during a great famine that Joseph had wisely prepared Egypt for. Eventually, Israel’s whole family moved to Egypt and settled in peace. After multiplying for some time, they became enslaved as foreigners under a cruel Empire for over 400 years.

God's people cried out to him. He heard their suffering and responded by raising up and calling Moses to free God's people from Egypt through the great drama of the Exodus. As terrible judgment fell upon the stubborn Empire and its ruthless leader, protection was provided to God's people through the Passover. This was a meal of Lamb eaten the night of their freedom and celebrated yearly to this day as this entire story is retold over millions of dinner tables.

Biblical References

  • Genesis 15:13-14
  • Exodus 1:1-16
  • Exodus 2:23-3:17
  • Exodus 12:21-30

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