Why Providence?

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island. Established by Roger Williams in 1636, it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. While it's heritage is deeply religious and was a forerunner in the cause of religious freedom, the current religious landscape is fairly bleak. While the roughly 180,000 residents [1] contain the highest percentage of Catholics in the country at 46% [2], with 24% identifying as some form of evangelical [3]. Curiously, only 50% even believe in a God at all, and 77% don't believe religion holds answers for determining right or wrong [4]. 

The city itself has less than 80 registered Christian congregations [5] and both that number and the number who claim religious affiliation is rapidly declining.  

In light of Church Planting research goals that define gospel saturation as one congregation for every 1,000 residents [6], Providence is due for at least another 100 congregations in the coming years.  

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Joe Paravisini