David & The Promised Kingdom

David & The Promised Kingdom
Photo by Ben Ostrower / Unsplash

Between Egypt and the Kingdom of Israel was the wilderness – four decades of wandering that tried the people’s faith and trust in their Redeemer. During this season, the slavery they still carried around in their hearts was made painfully visible. But ultimately, God brought his people to the long-awaited promised land of Canaan and established them in this new land where their roots could grow. They could begin to fulfill their task of being a Kingdom of Priests, showering blessings upon the whole world.

When they first began to settle in Canaan, they started without a typical government. But in the violent and idolatry-filled pages of Judges, it became clear that the appetite for self-governing under God's law was not at all present. So God allowed the people to appoint themselves a King, though with warnings that they would regret this. The people first chose Saul as their King, an impressive but arrogant leader.  Soon after, God chose a young shepherd boy named David and committed to continue working out his promises for the world through David and his family.

Biblical References

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