Solomon & The Temple

Solomon & The Temple
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge / Unsplash

David's son, Solomon, brought in the peak time of shalom for Israel. Wealth, wisdom, and peace marked the reign of Solomon. And the nomadic presence of God finally settled down as the Tabernacle was replaced with the Temple, and God's presence descended into the royal city of Jerusalem (or city of Shalom).

While this time was a high watermark for the people of God, it was merely a dim shadow of perfection. Solomon brought in forced labor and slavery to accomplish many architectural feats, an astonishing thing for a nation of formerly enslaved people. He also had no problem taking hundreds of sex slaves, and his unquenchable appetite for women eventually turned his heart away from God towards idols. Additionally, while the Temple was far superior to the Tabernacle in terms of scale, cost, and aesthetics, the same pattern of separation was followed. The same bloody sacrificial rituals were observed, showing the distance that remained between God and people.

Biblical References

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